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Ferdi Trihadi – Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Ferdi Trihadi’s  distinct trademark black outlined illustrations are making ripples in Kyoto.

Ferdi’s personal projects have very apparent themes of consumerism and greed mostly in the form of morbidly obese characters. He explains it is our innate nature to yearn for more and says, “I find it fascinating that there is just no limit to what we can crave or long for”.

Greed being a human condition we all suffer from, it’s no surprise when he mentions his inspiration comes from observing others. Living in different countries, for Ferdi only means a deeper understanding and appreciation for all cultures and lifestyles. Far away from his native country Indonesia, the last 10 months in Japan have taught him the discipline of putting passion into his work.

Japan has opened new doors for Ferdi as well; he is currently working on the finishing touches toHungry Oni, a mobile game developed together with Andrzej Zamoyski on a concept close to his heart – consumerism and greed.


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