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Micro Pigs

Micro Pigs Tiny pigs the size of teacups, as this photo demonstrates, are the latest pet craze sweeping Great Britain. These little piggies are named Simon and Cheryl. (Photo by Geoff Robinson) “They make fantastic pets”, – says breeder Jane Croft of her micro pigs. “They’re highly intelligent and just love to be loved. They […]

Foot Age

World Soccer Magazine April 2013

Matchstick Men

Wolfgang Stiller’s Human Matchsticks Perhaps providing social commentary on the way in which everyday life tends to burn people out over time, German artist Wolfgang Stiller has created “Matchstick Men.” Appearing on their own and in matchbox-like “coffins,” the collection was created in Stiller’s studio by combining various head molds and bamboo wood scraps that […]


    Sarah Hodgson – PuppyPerfect: The user-friendly guide to puppy parenting English | 2005 | ISBN: 0764587978 | Pages: 240 | The book is user-friendly. The approach is puppy-friendly! Your puppy is so irresistible, cute, and lovable–until she chews your shoe, uproots your flowers, ruins your rug, demolishes your remote, or gobbles up your […]


LUMINOUS AT THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE Luminous was a series of events consisting of music, talk and light curated by Eno at the Sydney Opera House with 77 Million Paintings at its centre. Eno was additionally invited to light the Opera House sails, an invitation rarely offered by the Opera House Trustees. The end result was […]

77 Million Paintings

77 Million Paintings is a software/DVD combination by British musician Brian Eno, released in 2006. The release consists of two discs, one containing the software that creates the randomized music and images that emulate a single screen of one of Eno’s video installation pieces. The other is a DVD containing interviews with the artist. The title is […]

Mammal Kingdom

The Mammal Society Mammal Photographer of the Year: Winners & Finalists 2013 O) Highly commended. These shots are from a university project based on Squirrels. The photos are displaying a grey squirrels caching behaviour. I set up a remote timer and baited the area with nuts, and waited for the squirrels to come. Once the squirrels […]