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And the award for best poster goes to…

And the award for best poster goes to… Tribute to every Best Film Academy Award-winner shows each movie given its own unique Oscar

As tributes to the Academy Awards go this poster should be an Oscar winner.

British artist Olly Moss has designed 84 individual statuettes to represent every film that has ever won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

From Wings, which took the gong at the first ceremony in 1927 to last year’s winner The Artist, each image has been specifically designed to evoke the classic movie.

British artist Olly Moss designed 84 statuettes to represent each film that has won Best Picture Oscar for the 85th Academy Awards
British artist Olly Moss designed 84 statuettes to represent each film that has won Best Picture Oscar for the 85th Academy Awards British artist Olly Moss designed 84 statuettes to represent each film that has won Best Picture Oscar for the 85th Academy Awards

It was put together to mark the 85th anniversary of the awards, which was held on February 24.

Mr Moss said on his website that coming up with the poster design was a one of the most challenging tasks of his distinguished career so far.
He said: ‘The brief was one of the hardest I’ve ever had; find a way to reference every single Best Picture winner from the last 85 years.’

The graphic designer and artist is a University of Birmingham graduate who has previously designed the Thor cast poster for Marvel Entertainment.

The academy said: ‘[Moss] has quickly become the most sought after screen print artist working today, with buyers sleeping outside the galleries he show in just to have a change to purchase his work.’


Winners: (Left to right) Oscar wears pilot's headgear for Wings, a top hat and cane for The Broadway Melody, a helmet for All Quiet on the Western Front, a gun and holster for Cimarron and a bellboy's costume for Grand HotelWinners 1927 to 1932: (Left to right) Oscar wears pilot’s headgear for Wings; a top hat and cane for The Broadway Melody; a helmet for All Quiet On The Western Front; a gun and holster for Cimarron and a bellboy’s costume for Grand Hotel

1932 ti 1937 Oscars

Winners 1932 to 1937: (l to r) Oscar is transformed into Big Ben for 1932 winner Cavalcade; a dress for It Happened One Night; a seafarer’s hat for Mutiny On The Bounty; listening to a telephone in The Great Ziegfeld and dressed as the eponymous character in The Life Of Emile Zola

 Winners 1938 to 1942

Winners 1938 to 1942: (l to r) Oscar is on crutches for the 1938 winner as actor Lionel Barrymore was for the whole of You Can’t Take It With You; dressed in finery for Gone With The Wind; in period costume for Rebecca; as a miner on a bed of flowers for How Green Was My Valley and holding red rose for Mrs Miniver

 Winners 1943 to 1947

Winners 1943 to 1947: (l – r) The statuette wears the iconic trench coat and trilby from Casablanca; a ‘dog collar’ for Going My Way; stands in the centre of empty bottles and is besieged by a bat for The Lost Weekend; has prosthetic hands for The Best Years Of Our Lives and wears a Jewish kippah for Gentleman’s Agreement

The poster was released on the website Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences yesterday.

It begins with the Oscar statuette wearing pilot’s headgear to represent Wings – the first film to ever win a Best Picture Academy Award.

The final figure is a black and white Oscar with a pencil moustache that represents silent film The Artist.

Some figures are instantly recognisable while other designs take a bit longer to work out.

 Winners 1948 to 1952

Winners 1948 to 1952: (l – r) Oscar holds a skull for Hamlet; speaking into a microphone for All The King’s Men; takes the limelight in All About Eve; in costume for An American In Paris and as the mysterious clown in The Greatest Show On Earth

Winners 1953 to 1957

Winners 1953 to 1957: (l – r) Oscar stands on a wave in From Here To Eternity; wearing the iconic jacket in On The Waterfront; as stocky butcher Marty; dressed in a top hat and tails in Around The World In 80 Days and as a British soldier in The Bridge On The River Kwai

Winners 1958 to 1962

Winners 1958 to 1962: (l – r) Oscar is dressed in a glamorous dress for Gigi; in a Roman helmet and whip in Ben-Hur; holds spaghetti being strained through a tennis racket in The Apartment; dances in West Side Story and is dressed in robes for Laurence Of Arabia

Winners 1963 to 1967

Winners 1963 to 1967: (l – r) Oscar is covered in lipstick marks to represent Tom Jones; wears elaborate clothes for My Fair Lady; holds a guitar for The Sound Of Music; is dressed in Tudor clothes for A Man For All Seasons and holds a weapon for In The Heat Of The Night

At first the 1988 Oscar for Rain Man looks unaltered but on closer inspection it is clear that the floor is scattered with golden toothpicks – in reference to the famous scene where Dustin Hoffman’s autistic character is able to immediately tell how many have fallen.

Mr Moss also takes classic costumes or scenes to represent the films.

The design for 1993 Best Picture winner Schindler’s List features a girl in a red coat. The gold of the statue has even been muted to grey in a clever homage to the black and white film.

The 1997 Best Picture winner Titanic is instantly recognisable as Oscar is pictured arms outstretched on the front of the Titanic.


Winners 1968 to 1972Winners 1968 to 1972: (l – r) A tiny Oscar is dressed as the Artful Dodger in Oliver!; a stetson for Midnight Cowboy; military gear for Patton; Gene Hackman’s hat in The French Connection and holds a cat while dressed in a tuxedo for The Godfather


Winners 1973 to 1977Winners 1973 to 1977: (l – r) Oscar stands on poker chips for The Sting; is again dressed in a tuxedo for The Godfather Part II; has cranial scars for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; holds his arms aloft for Rocky and wears oversized clothes for Annie Hall

Winners 1978 to 1982

Winners 1978 to 1982: (l – r) Oscar holds a gun to his head for The Deer Hunter; is the small child in the centre of the custody battle in Kramer Versus Kramer; has cut wrists in Ordinary People; crosses the line in Chariots Of Fire and is dressed as Gandhi in the 1982 winner

Winners 1983 to 1987

Winners 1983 to 1987: (l – r) Oscar grows to adulthood in Terms Of Endearment; has a flamboyant wig for Amadeus; wears colonial clothing for Out Of Africa; falls to his knees in Platoon and is The Last Emperor

Oscar is also seen dressed in the robes of Laurence Of Arabia, holding a guitar for The Sound Of Music homage and wearing a black tuxedo with a red flower in the two award-winning Godfather films.

This year’s for the 2012 category has been kept as the classic figure as the winner is not yet known.

The nominees for Best Picture are Amour, Argo, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life Of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty.

Winners 1988 to 1992Winners 1988 to 1992: (l – r) Oscar counts the golden toothpicks on the floor for Rain Man; is dressed as a chauffeur in Driving Miss Daisy; as a native American in Dances With Wolves; as Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs and in a hat for Unforgiven

Winners 1993 to 1997

Winners 1993 to 1997: (l – r) Oscar is a small black and white girl dressed in a red coat for Schindler’s List, sits on a bench with a box of chocolates for Forest Gump; wears a kilt for Braveheart; is scarred in The English Patient and stands on Titanic

Winners 1998 to 2002

Winners 1998 to 2002: (l – r) Oscar is dressed in Tudor pantaloons for Shakespeare In Love; covered in rose petals to represent the iconic scene from American Beauty; holds a sword for Gladiator; disappears for A Beautiful Mind and wears a sleek bob for Chicago

 Winners 2003 to 2007: (l - r)

Winners 2003 to 2007: (l – r) A hobbit-sized Oscar wears the ring of power around his neck for The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King; dons boxing gloves for Million Dollar Baby; changes colour for Crash; is dressed in a cop’s hat for The Departed and carries a gas canister and sports the unusual hairstyle of Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men

Winners 2008 to 2011

Winners 2008 to 2011: (l – r) Oscar is given a multiple choice question for Slumdog Millionaire; wears a bomb disposal suit for The Hurt Locker; speaks into a microphone for The King’s Speech and is in black and white for The Artist



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