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Not the Dogs You’re Looking For

April 12, 2013
Not the Dogs You’re Looking For

Dog buyers in Argentina, beware! Hopeful new dog owners hunting for bargains at La Salada, Argentina’s largest market, are being tricked. In what sounds like a plot out of a popular urban legend, one pooch purchaser, who believed he was getting a bargain on a couple of toy poodles, discovered that he’d actually acquired a pair of ferrets when he took them to the vet for their vaccinations.

How could the man have mistaken a ferret — which typically weigh between 2 and 5 pounds and aren’t fluffy at all — for a toy poodle? These rodents had been fed steroids to increase their size, then groomed to achieve the fluffy coats reminiscent of a poodle. (He’s not the only one who was fooled: Another woman who tried to buy a Chihuahua at the same market also ended up with a ferret.) In the U.S., toy poodles go for as much as $1000 each; the “dogs” at the market went for $75 a piece. In some cases, you truly do get what you pay for.


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