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Hands by Ray Massey   Ray Massey is a London-based photographer who shoots mainly liquids, drinks, hands and still life. Retouchers based in the studio enable photography and retouching to be produced concurrently, streamlining production and enhancing the creative process. Ray’s reputation has been established by realising conceptual advertising and producing cutting edge final images […]

Valley of the Omo

 Ethiopia: Valley of the Omo   Ethiopia: Valley of the Omo, Dassanetch. (Photo by Claude Gourlay)   Ethiopia: Valley of the Omo, Hamar. (Photo by Claude Gourlay)   Ethiopia: Valley of the Omo, Mursi. (Photo by Claude Gourlay)   Ethiopia: Valley of the Omo, Mursi. (Photo by Claude Gourlay)   Ethiopia: Valley of the Omo, Karo. (Photo by Claude Gourlay) […]

Waterdrop Sculptures

Waterdrop Sculptures by Josh Fancher “I’m Josh Fancher, a 21 year old with an avid interest in photography, including macro, nature and wildlife, night photography, landscapes, cityscapes and architectural photography. Inspired by the beautiful and amazing water drop photography of Martin Waugh, I started doing water drop collisions in December of 2007. I use a 105mm […]

Leaf Art

 Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran   Artist Lorenzo Duran finds the perfect leaf and then carefully cuts away at it until he makes this amazingly delicate art.                         Lorenzo Duran

Mother India

  Indian farmers Hansaben (L), Geetaben (R) and Jesingbhai (C) plough a field in preparation for sowing cotton seeds in Nani Kisol village, around 70 km from Ahmedabad on July 11, 2012. Agriculture contributes about 15 percent to India’s GDP but only 40 percent of farms are irrigated. The livelihood of hundreds of millions in […]

Commuter India

  Commuters disembark from crowded suburban trains during the morning rush hour at Churchgate railway station in Mumbai, India on July 13, 2012. (Photo by Vivek Prakash/Reuters)